Google Analytics Measures Web Conversion Rates

You are not connected to the latest trends of the worldwide web if you haven't heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO at least a few times. This process is pushing the web presence of your website so that it will become more visible and it can land among the top searches of search engines specifically Google. While it is obviously of critical importance that you improve your overall search engine ranking by having you site optimized to gather or maximize the amount of traffic into your site, the amount of visitors or traffic is not everything. Increase in web traffic via search engine optimization is not everything. Google analytics WordPress is needed to measure the amount of visitors and traffic on your website as well as the quality of the visitors if they are the expected type of market that is related to the subject of your site.

The website conversion rate on the other side of the solution is equally important. The website conversion rates is the percentage of visitors who makes a purchase, sign up for a service or a newsletter to get started, download a report, or whatever call of action that the visitor makes thru your website.

If you have a thousand of people dropping by your website daily but none of them is making any of the above-mentioned action, then you are not doing well. The quality of the traffic and subscriptions or purchases must be present so that the traffic can be converted to potential earnings.

To know if your website is really producing the results you are looking for ask yourself a few questions:

You can ask yourself the following questions if you want to know if your website is really producing results:

  1. What is your traffic conversion rate?
  2. Do you have the web traffic statistics that can make you see the effectiveness of your web traffic?
  3. Is there an increase in your business earnings as a result of the optimized website traffic?
  4. What is the return on your investment of your website ads and promotion efforts?

If you do not have any answers to the above questions, then you need not worry since you are not alone. Notwithstanding the importance of website conversion rate, it is the most misunderstood if not overlooked aspect by small business owners. Some business owners and network marketer who have thought of getting a website would improve their site's earning potential, ended up being disappointed because of the poor performance and result of their sites. In using these wordpress plugins that can help you measure the quantity and quality of your traffic, you will actually have an idea about your website conversion rate.

If you try using a Google analytics Wordpress plugin that is available for free on Google, you can grasp your actual website traffic, the overall performance of your website, and its conversion rates. It is a service that Google offers to its customer to provide them with the capability to monitor, track, and measure in the greatest possible way, all statistics regarding your site's traffic, page views, and conversions.